KENROCK Volcanic Rock Planters

A Patenet Belonging to Urs Ringler, Director, Natura Limited
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Volcanic rock planters (KENROCK Planters) are rocks collected from areas of past volcanic activity which have weathered into sizes that are easily handled.

KENROCKS have numerous advantages over common planters as they create a humid micro-climate within the vicinity of the plant and release vital nutrients for a healthy plant growth. Spanish moss, Aptenias, ferns, moss and climbers to name a few thrive in the small crevices of the rock.

Proper draining capacity of the rocks prevents water from logging and since the water is well utilized plants do not easily dry up. The planters set indoors or outdoors come with the combined advantage of beauty and air purification.

View our gallery to get an idea of how flexible the KENROCK Rock Planters may be applied.

Details & Prices

  • KENROCK Rock Planters come in various shapes and sizes and are also suitable for numerous applications. KENROCKs may be transformed into outdoor bars, natural pond fountains or breathtaking shop decoration - imaginination only is the limit to their adaptation.

    • Outdoor KENROCKS
    • Indoor KENROCKS
    • Hanging KENROCKS
    • KENROCK Bar
    • KENROCK Pond Rocks

  • Demo Image
    Rock Size Dimensions
    Extremely Small 7 - 12 cm ø
    Very Small 12 - 20 cm ø
    Small 20 - 30 cm ø
    Medium 30 - 40 cm ø
    Medium/ Large 40 - 60 cm ø
    Large 60 - 80 cm ø
    Very Large 80 - 100 cm ø
    Very Very Large 100 - 120 cm ø
    Extra Large 120 - 140 cm ø
    Extra Extra Large 140 - 160 cm ø
    Gigantic 160 - 180 cm ø
  • Kenrocks may be placed on a metal three leg stand to prevent carpets or other water sensitive surfaces from getting wet or soiled.

    The stands are provided in black, green or in natural rust varnish look and may be tailored to fit your indoor requirements.

  • KENROCK developped a drip watering unit available for easy and regulated water application. The Drip Unit is especially suitable for watering over long weekends.

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